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Fiio F1

FiiO F1 In Ear Earphones A light-weight IEM designed for fatigue-free listening - The use of an ultra-lightweight polyester diaphragm in its specifically-tuned dynamic driver gives the F1 a natural and relaxed tonality that works well with modern pop music. 




FiiO F3 Dynamic In Ear Earphones - The IEM for a colourful life! Graphene Driver Diaphragm The F3 utilises a cutting edge graphene driver diaphragm which is extremely strong and has excellent conductivity. Due to its properties a graphene driver diaphragm can faithfully reproduce your music giving a clean rich high fidelity sound. .




FiiO F5 Balanced IEM Earphones Featuring Infinity Sound The FiiO F5 Earphones are balanced Hi-Res in-ear monitors with a balanced 2.5mm cable and an aerospace titanium diaphragm. 




The FiiO F9 Earphones are balanced Hi-Res in-ear monitors. The F9 utilises a dynamic driver made of PEK (polyether ketone) polymer nano-composite, known for not only being tough but also being light. This allows the F9's dynamic driver to be highly capable of producing quick, detailed, and extended bass.










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